Crimson Data Analytics

Company that specializes in business consulting and strategy by using data science and business data analytics.

Crimson Data Analytics was founded by Demet Tatar with the collaboration of professionals from both graduates and students of the Harvard Business Analytics Program. Our team is comprised of highly diverse experts from various sectors positioning us to offer a wide array of solutions customized to your industry and your challenges. 

Our primary objective is to provide the highest quality of work and building long term relationships based on partnership and trust.



Some of most commonly asked questions are given below. 

Crimson is a data science strategy and consulting firm. We provide full spectrum of services. Our general objective is to help organization to solve complex problems by using DS, ML and AI.

We have a robust partner ecosystem of academicians and research scholars (PHD’s and ML experts); industry experts and platform and product companies to provide full spectrum of services.

Our goal is to help organizations with research, development and implementation of data science(DS) and machine learning (ML) applications to advance their business

  • Strategy and roadmaps for adoption and application of DS and ML
  • Identifying use cases and business challenges that can be solved with application of DS and ML
  • Recommending right solutions, platforms and products for DS and ML
  • Building Data Models
  • We help you with choosing, developing or tailoring data platforms
  • We work with the best industrial and academic experts
  • Develop and implement custom DS and ML applications and platforms