Crimson Data Analytics is a data science strategy and consulting firm. Our general objective is to help organizations to solve complex problems by using Business Data Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our Services

Business Data Analytics

We provide full data solutions to companies with various tools and help you drive data driven business insights.


We help you to buildl AI into your systems and build the best models to predict your company's future.


Digital Transformation

We help companies and schools go through Digital Transformation and make a great fresh start.

Crimson Team

What makes us special

We have a extensive partner ecosystem of industry experts, academicians, research scholars (PHD’s and ML experts) and platform and product companies to provide full spectrum of services.


Business Data Anlalytics

Our Approach

Crimson is a data science strategy and consulting firm. We provide full spectrum of services. Our general objective is to help organization to solve complex problems by using DS, ML and AI. 

Crimson Crisp

Our goal is to help organizations with research, development and implementation of data science(DS) and machine learning (ML) applications to advance their business

  • Strategy and roadmaps for adoption and application of DS and ML
  • Identifying use cases and business challenges that can be solved with application of DS and ML
  • Recommending right solutions, platforms and products for DS and ML

Our Capabilities

  • Building Data Models
  • We help you with choosing, developing or tailoring data platforms
  • We work with the best industrial and academic experts
  • Develop and implement custom DS and ML applications and platforms


We provide Data Solutions to various industries. 


We help schools with Digital Transformation, provide Data Analytics Services and build Machine Learning Models to make Strategy Plans.

business science consulting

Innovation Labs

We help scientific labs to build data platforms, customized lab management tools, optimize workflows, standardize process steps and a lot more.

Oil & Gas

We use Machine Learning to provide cost and risk analysis to oil & Gas Projects.


Healthcare Management

Building Data Science and AI into a healthcare system requires a multi-faceted solution. We combine the business aspects, the technology supports it and the operational aspects into a solution.

crimson data analytics


We help you to drive more traffic into your ecommerce platform, increase your sales, build recommender systems and much more. Currently aggregating solutions.

crimson data analytics

People Analytics

We help our clients to improve collaboration between employees and departments to help organizational goals.


Data Driven Marketing

Buying patterns and how pricing drives the business. Currently aggregating solutions.

management strategy
Operations & Supply Change Management

Currently aggregating solutions.


Material Science

Currently aggregating solutions.